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At the heart of every delicacy lies a combination of spices and carefully selected ingredients. Whether it is to achieve impeccable taste, fragrance or an exotic appearance, at Old Chang Kee, we infuse the best of Asian tastes with local traditions to bring you gastronomic experiences unlike any other.

A mainstay for almost every cuisine in the world, onions come in numerous shapes, colours and flavours. It matches well with most meats, vegetables or complements many other kinds of spices. In addition to its unique taste, onions provide a variety of health benefits as well.
Health Benefits: Detoxifying, anti-bacterial, anti-inflamatory, anti-cholestrol, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer components.

Garlic is a main ingredient in many local dishes, especially in Chinese cuisine. The edible bulb is made up of sections called cloves which give the distinct taste that complements most seafood, red meat, mushrooms and beans.
Health Benefits: Antibacterial; lowers cholesterol and blood pressure; reduces water retention

Chillies come in various shapes, sizes and provides different levels of spiciness. Chilli is an indispensable ingredient, used in almost every item in our menu - in its fresh, dried, powdered or paste forms. Its unmistakeable taste gives an extra fiery kick to our recipes, especially in our curries.
Health Benefit: Pain relief, heart health, boosts immunity and helps burn fat.

This bright golden coloured spice comes from the same family of spices as ginger. It is lightly aromatic and smells peppery with a hint of orange and ginger. Turmeric has a musty and bitter taste and is responsible for the yellow-orange colour in curries.
Health Benefits: Acts as an anti-oxidant, able to reduce cholesterol, inflammation and indigestion.
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