Our Brands

Each brand name embodies the unique promise, aspiration and personality of the product. In order to differentiate the product from others in today’s competitive market, Old Chang Kee has developed memorable and distinctive brand names for all our products.

Curry Times is our first curry themed restaurant in Singapore, and has drawn positive customer and press reviews.

As an extension to the brand, we have launched our first self-service concept store named Curry Times Tingkat.

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Leveraging on the curry expertise of OLD CHANG KEE, BUN TIMES extends the company's Hainanese heritage by introducing the authentic Curry Buns, Buns with assorted fillings and other traditional snacks.

The range of buns and bakes are crafted based on original Hainanese customs and recipes enhanced through the use of modern technology.

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Mushroom Cafe is an al fresco concept eatery located at MacRitchie Reservoir serving a blend of local delights as well as fusion food to cater to both the young and old.

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Affectionately named O’ My Darling, our mobile kitchen has graced many high profile events such as the National Day Parade in Singapore.

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O'My Kampong is a kampong concept cafe which brings back the nostalgic feel so that a new generation of Singaporeans can experience the kampong way of life through its decor, traditionally-prepared dishes, and the pleasantly serene ambience next to the river.

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Dip’n’Go is our brand new concept of delicious food on the go and an exciting variety of dips to go with.