Chicken Favourites

Chicken remains forefront priority of Singaporean Cuisine. There are some unforgettable mouthwatering flavors which can make your mood of having a juicy piece of the chicken chunk in your mouth. At Old Chang Kee, we have consolidated all flavors in our super crispy, non-greasy and light original Singaporean Chicken. We have prepared our meaty snacks according to likes and dislikes of our customers.
Rich savory taste developed by experienced hands is the secret behind of our success. Once you taste our Chicken Food in Singapore, we assure you that you can’t end up by eating only one. Our menu card is overloaded with delightful snacks; Chicken Mushroom'O, Cheezy Chicken Ball, Cheezy Chicken Sausage, Chicken Nugget, and Chicken Wrap are prominent items in this category. Old Chang Kee is the best fast food chains in the country; therefore we are solidifying our vision of offering taste with our commendable customer service- So enjoy…
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